The ability of individuals, partnerships, corporations and other types of entities to enter into binding and legally enforceable contractual obligations is critical to our society. Contract law has evolved into a complex and intricate component of our legal system. Although many contracts can be handled in the routine course of business, as contracts increase in size, scope, value, or complexity, the need for competent legal advice also increases.

Contracts are legally binding promises made between two or more parties. They should be written in a clear, concise, and understandable fashion. In order for a business to function as intended, and for transactions to be conducted properly, the law explicitly supports the rights set out in a contract. The rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations of all the parties to a contract must be clearly delineated. A reasonably intelligent and objective person should be able to independently review a contract and understand its terms, conditions, and provisions. When a contract is made, each party must give consideration, which means there must be an exchange of promises, or of actual goods or materials, at the time of contracting.

If a contract is deemed unlawful, void against public policy, or drafted with serious inaccuracies akin to fraud, the rights reflected in that contract will not be legally guaranteed. Outside of these exceptions, a party who does not do what he or she promised to do in a contract can be held liable for breach of contract and made to pay for the cost of any damages caused by the failure to perform.


Artists, entertainers, and athletes must understand the legal aspects of the business relationships they enter into with agents, teams, sponsors, production companies, book publishers, managers, music clubs and record companies. They also should be concerned with laws that regulate any business relationships they form. An artist, entertainer, or athlete who ignores these laws or fails to get important business relationships defined in writing is likely to encounter problems as his or her career advances. The Law Office of Maha A. ELKollali, P.L. is dedicated to reviewing and negotiating contracts to protect the interests of artists, entertainers, and athletes. In addition, when a contractual provision is violated, the Law Office of Maha A. ELKolalli is prepared to provide legal representation in contractual disputes.


Commercial litigation includes any type of legal conflict involving business disputes. These disputes may include breach of contract, business dissolution, employment disputes, interference with business relationships, disputes over non-compete clauses, partnership disputes, business dissolution, creation of a new business entity, shareholder issues, and breach of fiduciary duty. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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